WakK | Stichting Welstand aan kinderen Kagera
WakK | Stichting Welstand aan kinderen Kagera

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A tree certificate costs €100.
This helps us to plant 1800 trees and ensure education for the poorest.

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Stichting WakK | Gastenhuis-Mugana - op reis in Afrika

Care for adventure?

The comfortable guest house in Tanzania, the start of an adventure to remember.

Tourism creates jobs and wealth for poor people. Especially when going to this place, where your money is directly invested into the local community.

You can experience:

  • Unspoiled African culture
  • Hotspring baths
  • Safari possibilities
  • Encounters with locals
  • Visit caves

Info and Enquire

A bargain: around € 10 a night. Meals for a day are also € 10.

In Kagera is the beautiful guest house to anyone who wants to experience Africa in its purest form. Prepare for an emotional journey to the-middle -of- nowhere. This gives you the opportunity to experience Africa beyond the tourist areas.

Off the tourist trail, but still within reach of the Serengetti, with facilities to have comfortable vacation. Our guesthouse is a great starting point for unique boat rides, Serengetti visiting and meeting local people.

Dive into African culture and leave everything behind. The guesthouse is a unique place to experience Africa you will find nowhere else. And we will help you organize your trip.


Visit our projects.


Safari possibilities


Comfortable rooms with private bathroom.


Drink beer with the locals.

In the guesthouse submerges you in Tanzania, with the comfort of home. The homely atmosphere, the tranquility and beautiful surroundings make it the perfect choice for those who want to escape the tourist trails. But even then, it is a good base from where you can go on safari or have other marvelous experiences.
Stichting WakK - bosbouw en educatie in Tanzania

Stichting WakK

Stichting WakK (Welstand aan kinderen Kagera) supports small projects in Tanzania to protect the most vulnerable, with as ultimate result self-reliance of the community. All our projects we initiate in collaboration with local resources and local people, who are knowledgeable and trustworthy.

We build a guest house to go there to supervise the projects. We invite you to come and experience the most amazing adventures!

Stichting WakK - bosbouw en educatie in Tanzania
  • gerealiseerde projecten

    Many initiatives are already completed and are causing for better living conditions. Improvements in education and agriculture have already borne fruit.

  • doelen

    Children to school, no exploitation of vulnerable girls and increasing incomes of the poorest.

  • meedoen

    Help by buying a tree certificate for € 100. You compensate your CO2 emissions and we can plant 1,800 trees.
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  • Stichting WakK | Gastenhuis-Mugana - op reis in Afrika

    Seek adventures during an exciting stay in the guesthouse.
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Stichting WakK - bosbouw en educatie in Tanzania

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You can always call or send an email.

Tel: +31 (0)6 14 45 04 88

Financial support?

If you are looking for another way to support our work, you can always make a donation or ask for other ways to help.

IBAN: NL 36 RABO 012 095 78 25
Stichting WakK te Pingjum.

Together for a better world. With benefits for everyone.

We believe in projects that benefit everyone involved. Therefore we try to create win-win situations. Want to help? Go on an adventure! Want to protect children from exploitation? Compensate for your CO2.

We are excited about these projects. Hopefully you will too!

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